The Smile Paradise Xscape 3-day Weekender is a 28 hour dance experience hosted by Smile & Syreeta and Smile Kizz filled with kizomba and urban kiz workshops, 2 night parties, 1 day party, free open classes and fun!! Register Now.

Date: October 23-25, 2020
Venue: Studio Danse 361
Address: 8600 Boulevard Parkway, Anjou, QC H1J 1N3, Canada


Let’s celebrate togetherness, friendship and sharing trough of our common passion for dancing.

It is meant to be a place where dancers can forget about wrong habits such as ego and just be chill, relax and dance mainly for fun and smile.


With the slogan #shareyoursmile, we strive for an inclusive, energized, happiness event where our dear follows (sisters, friends, mothers…) and our dear leads (brothers, friends, fathers…) can safely enjoy and connect.
…An adventure where everyone participates in creating that Smile Paradise!


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Smile & Syreeta

Catch Smile Paradise Founders for an unforgettable dance workshop! These dynamic “Connection Artists” will spice things up to offer a deep dive into the Art of Connection through dance. They bring a fresh perspective that fuses activities and group discussion.

Oncle Kani

Oncle Kani is an international artist living in Europe. He travels across countries to share his knowledge, passion and energy with us. He will be teaching Semba boot camp classes during our Smile Paradise event.


These artists with a terrifying Ginga will make you return to native Angola with traditional steps inspired by their authenticity. Watch the schedule.

Samy Kizolove

Samy is a talented female artist that works with the KIZO organization. She will bring specific content around lady styling… and many more tricks.


Special Guests

Special Guests

SmileParadise welcomes many well – known artists, instructors and talented dancers from Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Boston and elsewhere to share with you all their talents and passions in a “#MakeMeSmile” mindset. Do not hesitate in the “switches” to dance with them!


Alzuphar Photography

David Alzuphar loves to capture the emotion of a moment. Fashion, commercial brochures, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, cultural events, all subjects animate this passionate and methodical photographer. In 2018, David discovered kizomba, and since then has enjoyed combining his two passions, dance and camera.


This talented photographer will capture all smiles during the event… #shareyoursmile

Jay Videography

The event will be under the kind eye of JP (Jean-Philippe) who will be able to capture videos that will illustrate your dances well, in workshops as well as in the evening.


Plan early and save!  Buy your tickets now before prices go up.

Discounts available through Smile Paradise Promo team and Special Guests.


Save on transaction fees by using Interac : Send E-Transfer to info@smileparadise.net (please write your email and pass-type in comment / code “SmileParadise”)



Experience Preparation and Flow of Smile Paradise here ?


We have created a talk group for you to exchange on following topics:


The Smile Paradise Xscape Official Event Hotel that is located nearby the event venue will be announced soon. Please stay tuned for updates.


The city of montréal has a flexible underground and ground transportation system to help you move with peace of mind. You will find the general map of the metro here. For those who are looking for more conviviality, UBER is also based in Montreal.


During your stay in Montreal, we invite you to visit

You can also visit this site to find out more about what to do in Montreal.



Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers are very important to our organization and play key roles at our events to ensure logistics run smoothly.


Smile Paradise Advisers are those that have time to commit to our organization on a monthly basis to help grow our organization and plan our events.  Advisers will usually hold leadership positions at events and receive benefits for participation.

If you are interested in discounted and even FREE access to Smile Paradise event(s) AND/OR getting more involved with the planning and growing our organization, fill out the application below. Opportunities include:

  • Artist Care
  • Venue Operations
  • Guest Services & Registration
  • Decorations
  • Transportation and more

Volunteer Application

Every volunteer must submit an application (see below).

We will contact you about 2 months before the event if you qualify.


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